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CLASS: Adult Watercolor: Level II. Wednesdays 12-2pm. The next 6 week session begins February 26, 2020!


(Please note, this is a Level II class and you must have attended Adult Beginner Level I Watercolor to participate.

This class will focus on furthering your knowledge and implementation of color theory as well as discovering and using different watercolor techniques. *Note: this class must have 3 or more students registered to be held.

Please note: Students are responsible for their own supplies. Please come to class prepared. A supply list is provided below.

I order from or Although Michaels is good in a pinch, I suggest ordering your supplies from either of these two sites for better quality, selection and price. ALSO: I realize building inventory can be daunting. I try to keep the costs to a minimum. If you need to cut corners, please do not compromise the quality of your brushes or paper…you will regret it.



• Silver brush SLM-Basic Susan Louise Moyer Basic silk Painting Watercolor Set. This is a 3-pack set that can be ordered on Amazon. I am amazed how well they work for the price. It’s a great starter pack.

• Wash Brush (1.5 – 2 inches)

**These brushes are enough to start. As the class progresses, you may find you want additional brushes, but to start you won’t need more than the brushes listed. Do not compromise on your bushes. The quality of the brush is very important.

PAINT: (*tubes):

Please use either Winsor Newton or Daniel Smith - you can mix the brands if necessary. If the tube size varies, get the small tubes...watercolor paint goes a long way!

• Cadmium Yellow 

• Sap Green

• Ultramarine Blue

• Cerulean Blue

• Burnt Sienna

• Burnt Umber

• Van Dyke Brown 

• Paynes Gray

• Cadmium Red Light

• Cobalt Blue

• Yellow Ochre


High quality paper is imperative. I suggest Arches 140 Cold Press. You can buy these in blocks or individual sheets. If you choose to buy a block of the Arches, please get 16x20. Another option is to purchase a 22 inch x 30 inch sheet at the studio for $7.00 which should be enough for at least 4 paintings. 

Additional Items:

• A portfolio to transport you work to and from class. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just something to protect your work between classes. Cloth portfolios are good and light weight! 

• Plastic Watercolor Palette I recommend the Creative Marek - 40 well watercolor palette with Cover – Jerry’s has it listed for $11.99 on sale. Don’t use the small ones, you will just get frustrated. 

• Paper Towels

• Blue Painters Tape 

• Small Spray Bottle 

• Miskit Liquid Frisket or masking fluid.

• Support Board - Gatorfoam is great. It is lightweight and durable. You’ll have to order online. Jerry’s Artarama has 16x24 board for $23.50.

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