RETAIL SALE - Suncatcher - Endless Circle 4x4 Blue Anchor Suncatcher - Available in Blue, Aqua, Natural, Green or Purple


Bring a lttle beach into your home! This beauitful 4x4 glass suncatcher is guaranteed to brighten up any spot. Each suncatcher is hand-crafted and, therefore, each one is unique. You can choose if you would like the suncatcher created in Available in Blue, Aqua, Natural, Green or Purple.

Hang the suncatcher in a window or display it on your wall and you will always feel close to the shore. Each Blue Anchor Suncatcher has a ribbon and tag and is packaged in a beautiful gift box so you can keep it for youself or give it as a gift!

**Because each sun catcher is handmade, style and color may vary slightly.

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